Get Ready For A Whirlwind Of Adventure!

Corporate Cooking Class Singapore

Throw away all thoughts you might have of cooking as a boring chore.
Racing against time, completing quests and overcoming missions,
You never knew cooking this fun and thrilling!

Team Bonding

Deeper connections and lasting friendships are formed when you expose your team to new experiences outside the office!


Team-bonding Adventures @ ChefTales is like nothing you’ve ever known. Party quests and missions are infused into one amazing culinary experience!


Starting at just $88/pax nett, you and your team get to experience a thrilling team bonding adventure that takes you on a roller-coaster ride!

Fun for All

An All-age experience, Adventures @ ChefTales is suitable for all demographic groups. Everyone gets to enjoy the event together!


Savour you and your team’s personal culinary creations as you dine-in together during a free-and-easy session held at the event’s end!


Take back a unique and immersive experience privy to you and your team only. This experience will bring you all closer than ever before!


Carrots Chopped

Sabotages Fired

Selfies Taken

Exciting Challenges


Cook up a Storm

Gain practical cooking skills whilst having fun, as you learn to prepare 2 of your favourite dishes from scratch. 100% hands-on, you and your team will become competent in this magical art of cooking!


Take on team quests

A uniquely ChefTales experience, you will be undertaking a series of secret team missions and quests throughout the event. Race against time and compete against other teams in this thrilling adventure!


Dine-in with the team

Complete this event with an intimate dine-in session at the end. Free-and-easy, participants gets to interact with colleagues and superiors alike at close proximity, forging closer ties in the office!

Can't Decide On Your Team-Bonding Event?

At Chef Tales, our Team Bonding events are catered exactly to your needs. From active, high-energy challenges to classy and exquisite experiences, we design our events just for you!

Our Story


A corporate retreat is meant to bring colleagues and superiors closer together, and build positive relationships that will translate to a more positive vibe in the office. However, too often, we find that a corporate retreat is merely a formality, and activities do not sufficiently engage participants enough to promote teamwork and facilitate communication.


At ChefTales, we intend to change all that. Through the medium of a culinary adventure, we want to present maximal team-bonding opportunities for you and your team through an exhilarating and fun-filled culinary experience.


No longer do you sit passively and blankly, going through the motion of yet another corporate event. ChefTales provides your team with action-packed program line-ups which requires you and your team to think quick, act fast, and make spontaneous decisions. No matter the demographic make-up of your corporate team, you are bound to find an adventure that fits your team agenda!


Why Chef Tales?


We offer the best menu in town! Cuisines are innovative with a modern-day twist, and are all hand-picked by our team of resident chefs!


Located in the heart of the city, our cozy and comfortable studio is easily accessible and the perfect setting for your corporate event!


We want to help you tell the tale of your company! Join us on one unique and immersive culinary team-bonding adventure!


Give us 3 hours of your time and we promise to whisk you away into your own private cooking adventure. Let this magical and immersive experience bring you and your team closer than ever before!