Bread Baking Class Singapore

“If thou tastest a crust of bread, thou tastest all the stars and all the heavens”

Love the fragrance and taste of freshly made bread?

Love the crackling sound as you break open a piping hot crust?

Tantalize your senses with our bread baking classes that teaches you how to bring the goodness of freshly baked bread back to your own home!

Bread, in all its various forms, is the most widely consumed food in the world. Not only is it a delicious staple, it is also convenient and portable which helps to explain why it is an integral part of the Singaporean diet. You can bring them almost anywhere, and eat them for any meal, plain or with a topping or filling, it’s no wonder there’s a bakery under almost every MRT!

Apart from being tasty, bread is also one of the healthiest foods. Full of nutrition such as iron, thiamin, riboflavin, fibres and vitamins, the consumption of bread has been linked with health benefits such as reduced risk of heart disease and lower risk of weight gain. Baking your own bread adds on to all the benefits, as you can do without the harmful additives and preservatives mixed into commercially available bread, as well as add in your own extra nutrition in the form of healthy nuts and seeds such as walnuts and flaxseed.

Learn to use knead, proof, mold, shape and bake your dough to create your very own bread at home. No matter your level of experience, you’ll discover the joy of baking and unleash its mysteries, while learning techniques for a spectrum of tastes and textures!

Here are some great reasons why you should learn to bake bread!


Baking at home keeps all of the healthy nutrition of bread, but leaves out all the harmful additives found in commercially made bread.


Be amazed at how a basic dough can create countless variations of bread when proper techniques are coupled with a dash of your own creativity!

For Everyone

Our classes are suitable if you are a beginner to bread baking, or even if you’re looking to open a bakery!

No Additives!

Commercially available bread is full of additives that are unnecessary in traditional bread making. Many of these additives are linked to health issues. Here are some additives which your homemade bread will be free of:

Dough Conditioners – These chemicals are used to make the process faster and cheaper for the food industry to make bread in big machinery. Many dough conditioners like azodicarbonamide, DATEM, monoglycerides, diglycerides, sodium stearoyl lactylate are linked to health issues such as asthma and liver problems. Many popular brands in Singapore such as Gardenia are guilty of using dough conditioners.

Preservatives – Calcium propionate is commonly used as a mould retardant, and is the best-known preservative of public concern. It has been associated with ADHD as well as irritability, restlessness, inattention and sleep disturbance. This preservative is also commonly found in many popular bread brands in Singapore.

Other additives include artificial colouring, artificial flavouring and artificial sweeteners which are not needed to create delicious tasting bread. Our baking classes will teach you how to make great breads without using any of these!

Here are some amazing breads you can learn to bake!

Bread Loaves

Chocolate Bread


Lessons For Any Occasion!

Demonstration Class


  • Thorough breakdown of each dish on the menu
  • Greater student-teacher interaction
  • Sharing of personal cooking stories
  • Printed lesson notes provided (step-by-step pictures)
  • Cost-friendly
  • Suitable for beginners

Hands-on Class


  • Real world application
  • Practical situations; Cooking no longer theoretical
  • Show you what you really know or don’t know
  • Food tasting of coursemates’ and instructor’s dishes
  • Smaller class size
  • Suitable for intermediate and advanced homecooks

Team-Bonding Class


  • Fun and high-energy activities to enjoy as a group
  • Work together to prepare multi-course gourmet meal
  • Large venue fully equipped to handle large groups
  • Unearth hidden passions and talents
  • Accessible to all cooks with varying skill-

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Here’s what our clients have to say about us:

The atmosphere built around this baking class is really fun and relaxing. I signed up for the hands-on lesson and I had such a great time just learning from the instructor and from each other. This group at Chef Tales is definitely one of a kind!

Jermaine Lim

Baking with the instructor was an amazing experience. She not only showed us baking techniques that help simplify what would have been a complicated process, but also explained to us why we were doing what we were doing. Her enthusiasm for the science behind the baking was so refreshing to see!

Tan Li Ying

I’ve relied on YouTube videos to learn but I’ve always gotten stuck at some point. Taking up this hands-on baking class was a really refreshing and important experience, for the chef instructor was able to pick up my mistakes immediately. I wasn’t even aware that I was making such mistakes in the first place! Thanks to her, I am now able to correct my practical errors!

Marcus Lim