Halal Baking Class Singapore


“I Bake, What’s your Superpower?”

“But it’s just CAKE!!!”

How many times have you been confronted with this answer as you tried to find out whether the cake sitting in the glass casing at the bakery store is permissible to be eaten?

Your friends might not understand you, but we sure doAs tasty as the cake looks, we know that they are not fit for our consumption if any non-halal ingredients were involved in the making of it.

Don’t you long to produce bakeries that actually accurately replicate the ones you see on the glass display of stores, instead of the ones that turn out totally different no matter how religiously you follow the recipe?

So how do we solve this?

Figuring out what went wrong

As home-bakers, you might often run into the problem of your baked goods coming up with questionable taste, weird texture or just simply not looking the best.

And the worst part is, you never really know what you are actually doing wrong! They could turn out being heated unevenly, fall flat on themselves, be too tough on the teeth or simply lack volume & flakiness without you ever realising what went wrong.

Finding the right instructor

To address these woes, we would highly recommend you to have a highly-experienced pastry chef by your side who can oversee your baking methodologies. It would be a good idea for her to also have prior experience in teaching students as well. Communication of baking ideologies and techniques from her to you will then be much more effective. Not only will your errors be immediately rectified, she will also be able to give you invaluable tips and pointers to achieving better taste and presentation of your baked products.

Our chef at Chef Tales has not only served as a chef at a restaurant, but has also conducted baking workshops for 7 years straight and is highly experienced in this field. Rest assured that you will be in safe hands when signing up for our lessons. 

Under her meticulous guidance, we promise you a most fruitful baking adventure 

“Baking is Love made visible”

Our instructors bring about an unparalleled match of professionalism and friendliness to Chef Tales, offering students the opportunity to develop their passion for baking through the guidance and mentorship of the finest pastry and baking arts experts. It does not matter if you are a complete beginner, an intermediate closet baker, or an advanced culinary artist. We have courses that are catered to you no matter where you are at.


Join us for an unforgetable experience, where learning takes place in a fun, interactive and stress-free environment

Find A Lesson For Any Pastries!

Cakes, Rainbow Cakes and Cupcakes

Course modules:
  • Strawberry Cakes
  • Rainbow Cake sponges
  • Blueberry Muffin
  • Cakes Decorating
  • Cupcakes Modelling

Bread Roll

Course modules:
  • Water Roux method
  • Soft Sweet Bun
  • Custard Bun
  • Mayo Cheese Stick Bun
  • Mexican Scone

What Is Halal?


Halal is an Arabic word which means “permissible” when translated. Haram, meanwhile, is the opposite of halal, meaning “impermissible” As such, Halal Cooking is food preparation that is conducted with ingredients that have been made permissible according to the Islamic dietary guidelines, while avoiding anything that is impermissible. Alcohol, blood, pork and animals of prey are among the most common sources of food whose consumption are explicity forbidden by Islamic dietary laws.

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Here’s what our students have to say about us:

The 1-day cake-making course that I attended was loads of fun, and the instructors were really approachable and friendly. They were more than willing to give me advice and pointers for improvements. I am excited as I now know how to bake a Japanese shortcake after the course.

Ayaan Mansour

I am an avid baker and the Water Roux method that was taught to me during the course was really interesting as I have not used it before. This allowed me to expand my horizons and bake breads and pastry that I have often struggled with in the past.

Kiaan Abdel