Malay Cooking Class Singapore


“We all eat, and it would be a sad waste of opportunity to eat badly”

The Malay community is renowned around the world for their warm reception and hospitality. If there is one defining quality that we remember them for, it is their friendliness and cordiality to all their visitors. They are more than willing to welcome guests of any kind into their humble abodes to try some of their home-cooked food. At Chef Tales, we aim to recreate this traditional sense of hospitality, through the guidance of our instructors, who will provide close mentorship throughout your entire learning process.


At Chef Tales, our team specializes in Malay Cooking Lessons that would allow you to easily prepare sumptuous food.

“Cooking is like love: It should be entered into
with abandon or not at all”

Our instructors are passionate chefs who are deeply invested in the art of Malay food preparation. They are bright, cheerful and enthusiastic people who loves to be in the company of like-minded food-lovers, and are excited to be in the same room as you and impart to you the knowledge and experience they have amassed over the years spent in the kitchen. It does not matter if you are a complete beginner, an intermediate home cook, or an advanced culinary artist. We have courses that are catered to all the different levels each indivudal is at.


Join us for an unforgetable experience, where learning takes place in a fun, interactive and stress-free environment

Lessons For Any Occasion!

Demonstration Class


  • Thorough, detailed breakdown of each dish on the menu
  • Greater student-teacher interaction
  • Sharing of personal cooking stories
  • Printed lesson notes provided (step-by-step pictures)
  • Cost-friendly
  • Suitable for beginners
Demonstration Class

Hands-on Class


  • Real world application
  • Practical situations; Cooking no longer theoretical
  • Show you what you really know or don’t know
  • Food tasting of coursemates’ and instructor’s dishes
  • Smaller class size
  • Suitable for intermediate and advanced homecooks
Hands-On Class

What Is Malay Cuisine?


Malay cuisine are known for their generous use of spices. We believe that only local ingredient should be used, with the spices and herbs grounded manually, meals cooked over traditional-style oven or stove, and served in tropical edible leaves. We also favour the use of coconut milk to give the Malay dishes the rich and creamy taste.

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Here’s what our students have to say about us:

If you are remotely interested in food, this is the meetup to be. I enrolled in the workshop those 2 days was so much fun. I enjoying learning from the instuctor and exchanging tips and pointers with my course mates, who are now my new friends! I strongly recommend the workshop course to anyone who wants to have a fruitful and enjoyable weekend learning to cook.

Rania Haddad

I am a beginner cook and just wanted to learn to prepare some simple dishes for my family and myself. I signed up for the demonstration class to see if it fits me, and I went home with so much more than I expected. The notes provided were really useful and the skills I was taught was easily replicated back at home.

Adeela Hanna

The atmosphere built around this cooking class is really fun and relaxing. I signed up for the hands-on lesson and I had such a great time just learning from the instructor and from each other. This group at Chef Tales is definitely one of a kind!

Simah Musa