Cupcake Baking Class Singapore

“There’s nothing a Cupcake and Coffee can’t solve”

– Have you ever wanted to bake your friends a batch of beautiful cupcakes for a present?

– Did you ever consider whipping up some tasty cupcakes for a mid-afternoon tea break?

– Or have you ever wanted to surprise your loved ones with your cupcake creation?

If you answer is yes to any of the questions, you have come to the right place!

Cupcakes are undoubtedly one of the most popular desserts in the world! With intricately designed icing atop a tasty base of cake, the cupcake is the perfect accompaniment to a nice cuppa during our coffee breaks and tea times. Colourful, delicate and sweet, they stand out for their beautiful appearances and infinite flavor combinations. This allows to you to exercise your creativity to design imaginative pastries of various flavours, shapes and textures.

Cupcakes – Social

Cupcakes are not just pretty, they can also serve very practical functions. Cupcake towers have increasingly found their place on the tables of many wedding banquet. Gift-wrapped boxes filled with cupcakes are also increasingly trendy as a modern form of present-exchange with today’s generation. For the most part though, we all would be contented with an afternoon spent with our tea and cupcakes.

Wedding Ornament

Gift For Friends

High Tea


Our specialised cupcake classes will teach you all you need to know about baking cupcakes. We impart to you knowledge on the fundamentals of baking a perfectly risen tray of beautiful cupcakes. You’ll then learn how to effortlessly ice and decorate your cupcake creations, using popular icing such as korean buttercream and chocolate ganache.

Get ready to bake some amazing cupcakes!

Lessons For Any Occasion!

Demonstration Class


  • Thorough breakdown of each dish on the menu
  • Greater student-teacher interaction
  • Sharing of personal cooking stories
  • Printed lesson notes provided (step-by-step pictures)
  • Cost-friendly
  • Suitable for beginners

Hands-on Class


  • Real world application
  • Practical situations; Cooking no longer theoretical
  • Show you what you really know or don’t know
  • Food tasting of coursemates’ and instructor’s dishes
  • Smaller class size
  • Suitable for intermediate and advanced homecooks

Team-Bonding Class


  • Fun and high-energy activities to enjoy as a group
  • Work together to prepare multi-course gourmet meal
  • Large venue fully equipped to handle large groups
  • Unearth hidden passions and talents
  • Accessible to all cooks with varying skill-

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Here’s what our clients have to say about us:

The atmosphere built around this baking class is really fun and relaxing. I signed up for the hands-on lesson and I had such a great time just learning from the instructor and from each other. This group at Chef Tales is definitely one of a kind!

Jermaine Lim

Baking with the instructor was an amazing experience. She not only showed us baking techniques that help simplify what would have been a complicated process, but also explained to us why we were doing what we were doing. Her enthusiasm for the science behind the baking was so refreshing to see!

Tan Li Ying

I’ve relied on YouTube videos to learn but I’ve always gotten stuck at some point. Taking up this hands-on baking class was a really refreshing and important experience, for the chef instructor was able to pick up my mistakes immediately. I wasn’t even aware that I was making such mistakes in the first place! Thanks to her, I am now able to correct my practical errors!

Marcus Lim