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Do you find cooking Chinese food tougher to manage than most other types of cuisines, such as Spaghetti in Western culture? Timing is a problem for most people, since most Chinese food are cooked quickly and the margin of error is lower. There is a narrower window between what is considered to be overcooked and what is considered undercooked.

Listed below are some of the more common Chinese Cooking Techniques that some of us struggle with. While they seem simple enough to learn, few have truly grasped the art of these Cooking Methodologies.


Steaming is especially useful in maximizing the taste and color of a dish. Not only does steamed food taste fresh and delicious, it is widely regarded to be the healthiest cooking technique. Steaming helps to reduce nutrient loss in the food and is the choice method to bring out the freshness in dishes, especially ones that include fish or vegetables.


A truly classic Chinese cooking technique, stir-frying is done in a wok over a large fire. It is used to create many tasty and flavorful dishes. Achieving the distinct flavor better known as “Wok-Hei” (essence of the wok) requires a lot of practice. You can’t just refer to cookbooks. Plenty of hands-on experience is needed to be able to create that amazing taste at home.


Braising is a must-know technique in Chinese cuisine that involves cooking the ingredients under high heat to enhance the flavour. The ingredients are then simmered at a lower temperature in a rich broth for a longer period of time. This allows the initially tough meat to become so soft and tender to give a melt-in-your-mouth texture.

Our Chefs

If you are looking for a cooking instructor who is highly experienced in the field of cooking Chinese food, you have probably come to the right place! At Chef Tales, our chefs are highly accomplished in this field, having spent decades in several different Chinese restaurants. Some of them even had long-lasting stints serving as the head chef in Zi Char stores, which one might argue to be an even more hostile and pressurizing environment than the working place of a restaurant. They make for a team of very knowledgeable and skilled instructors, who are more than willing to impart to you the secrets, tips and techniques that goes into whipping up a first-class multi-gourmet Chinese meal.

Lessons For Any Occasion!

Demonstration Class


  • Thorough, detailed breakdown of each dish on the menu
  • Greater student-teacher interaction
  • Sharing of personal cooking stories
  • Printed lesson notes provided (step-by-step pictures)
  • Cost-friendly
  • Suitable for beginners
Demonstration Class

Hands-on Class


  • Real world application
  • Practical situations; Cooking no longer theoretical
  • Show you what you really know or don’t know
  • Food tasting of coursemates’ and instructor’s dishes
  • Smaller class size
  • Suitable for intermediate and advanced homecooks
Hands-On Class

Team Bonding


  • Fun and high-energy activities to enjoy as a group
  • Work together to prepare multi-course gourmet meal
  • Large venue fully equipped to handle large groups
  • Unearth hidden passions and talents
  • Accessible to all cooks with varying skill-sets
Team Bonding

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Here’s what our students have to say about us:

I just wanted to say that I truly enjoyed the class! It was so much fun and the highlight of the weekend for me. I hope to come back and try the Dim Sum or another one of your classes. I want to thank you so much! It was so enjoyable and worth it to learn how to cook Chinese.

Natalie White

I have been a huge fan of Dim Sum delicacies since I first ate it 20 years ago, but the thought of preparing my own Dim Sum dishes has never crossed my mind until recently. After finishing the course, I am proud to say that I can now prepare some simple Dim Sum dishes for my family and reduce the amount of times we go out all the way just to get our Dim Sum fixes.

Clement Lim

My mom always told me that I needed to learn how to cook, so I signed up for a class to learn to cook some simple chinese dishes like fried rice and noodles. I’m happy to say that I can finally cook for my mom, and she really enjoys eating my cooking for a change! Thank you Chef Tales for the lesson, it was very fun and easy to learn!

Xin Chen Jie