Chocolate Making Class Singapore

For some, there’s therapy. For the rest of us, there’s chocolate.

No Heat

Chocolate Making is an experience altogether different from Baking. Since Chocolates are highly sensitive to heat. the studio would have to be kept cool. As such, no ovens will be necessary to carry out Chocolate-Making.

Personal Creations

Gaining the know-how to create your very own chocolate treats is a unique experience that adds a sense of achievement to any chocoholic out there. Just imagine all the perks you get to enjoy. Never again would you run out of gift ideas, as you can now make delightful presents for friends and family within the comfort of your own kitchen!


While Chocolate-Making may sound intuitive for some, it actually requires mastery of a host of different techniques. The classes at ChefTales prepares you with these fundamental and advanced techniques required to be a good Chocolatier.


  • Choosing the right Chocolate type
  • Attributes of each Chocolate Type
  • Proper storage procedures
  • Handling
  • Tempering
  • Melting
  • Sculpting
  • Molding
  • Flavouring
  • Presentation


Chocolate Pralines

Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate Bars


Chocolate-Making will take some effort, but we’ll help you get there!


Tempering Chocolate is a technique employed to stabilise pure chocolate through a carefully controlled melting and cooling process. The cocoa butter molecules are allowed to solidify in an orderly fashion. This ensures that the beta crystals in the chocolate will harden back with their original crystalline pattern and retain the desirable traits all  good chocolate confections and decorations would have!

Why Learn to Make Chocolate?

If there’s no chocolate in Heaven, I’m not going.


Chocolate-Making at ChefTales is held in a fun, interactive and stress-free manner. Everyone is guaranteed a whale of a time during the session!


A unique experience where you can pick up really useful life skills, this class is for anyone looking to engage in a refreshingly new activity!


Equip yourself with the skills and know-how to create these delectable chocolatey treats at the comfort of your very own home!

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Design Chocolate Series

Take your love affair with chocolates one step further! Learn to create a wide variety of different chocolates with your own hands in our Chocolate Making Class! All there is to know about preparing, presenting and serving these Chocolates will be taught to you in our class! Bring these skills with you back home, and you can then start making Chocolates at the comfort of your own kitchen!

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Happy Customers.

“The classes are easy to follow, it’s completely hands on, you get to eat what you make, and depending on the class, you leave with some of the fruits of your labor. Thank you SGCookingLessons for this great experience!”

Xavier Lim

“I highly recommend the cooking classes at SGCookingLessons. I had one of the best experiences with the Chef and assistants. They have all of the ingredients for each dish set up for you so that they can show you and have you practice the various skills such as knife skills to thinly slice or shave vegetables to get a restaurant qualify finished product. I had expected to learn some recipes, but I left having learnt real skills!”

Pan Chen Ting

“I truly enjoyed the cooking class! I found that I learned new things that I did not know before and confirmed things that I was doing right. I thought the chef was very personable and knowledgeable. I can’t wait to make the recipes at home and I appreciate that they are simple, easy to manage and healthy!”

Kathy Phua