Cooking Birthday Party Singapore

Cooking Birthday Party Singapore

Are you planning a birthday celebration for someone special? Are you thinking of doing something really unique and refreshing this time? Try Chef Tales’ custom-built celebration designed exclusively for you and your loved ones.

Celebrate your loved one’s special day in this unique rendition of a Birthday Cooking Event!

Suitable for All Age Groups


A special event will be designed to cater to your child’s personal taste. Your kids gets to be the Chefs-Of-The-Day. A fully hands-on program, they get to prepare, cook, and taste their own culinary creations. Tasty and engaging program line-ups are sure to leave your kids warm and bubbly, as they spend fun and delicious time with their peers!

Young Adults

What better ways to celebrate someone’s birthday than to do the things you never found the time for. Grab a few friends, bring forth your passion, and head over to this unique ChefTales-styled Birthday Celebration. Spend quality time in the kitchen, learn new recipes, and connect over the tasty meals you’ve prepared together.


Adults can have a whirl of a time cooking up a storm! Think lavish themes, funky chef hats, and colourful ingredients. A birthday party where everyone gets to play, enjoy themselves and have fun! The entire team is then rewarded with dine-in gourmet meal consisting of their own unique creations.


Customised Birthday Event

Your wish. Our command. We design an individualised event according to your requirements.


With a great range of cuisines to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice! Thai, Japanese, Korean, Peranakan, and so much more. Pick your favourite amongst the diverse range of dishes we offer and cook them on the spot!


Any of our 6 studio locations can be used, depending on your class size and menu requirements! If you would like to hold it at your own external event, do inform us and we would make the necessary arrangements

Age Groups

Your party’s age group will shape the activities and program line ups we will design for you! A party for children, young adults and adults will all be radically different, with the pace and atmosphere catered for accordingly.

Birthday Princes and Princesses

Take over the aprons, and let your hands run amok in the kitchen. A wondrous way to reconnect you to the magic of cooking, this refreshingly new take on Birthday Celebrations is a great way for you and your close ones to bond and connect over a magical cooking session.

Unique Chef Tales Birthday Event

A thrilling and engaging celebration like nothing you have experienced before


Pick up new practical skills that are easily transferrable. A couple of hours is all it takes.Learn the recipes of your favourite cuisines and replicate them in the comfort of your own homes.


Fun and exciting challenges will be incorporated into your event. The Power of Play allows all participants to stay actively involved and engaged as they interact with each other to complete missions.


Enjoy every moment you spend with friends and loved ones through this refreshing Birthday Event, as you share precious memories with them. The Good. The Fun. The Stupid. This experience will have it all.

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Happy Customers.

“The classes are easy to follow, it’s completely hands on, you get to eat what you make, and depending on the class, you leave with some of the fruits of your labor. Thank you SGCookingLessons for this great experience!”

Xavier Lim

“I highly recommend the cooking classes at SGCookingLessons. I had one of the best experiences with the Chef and assistants. They have all of the ingredients for each dish set up for you so that they can show you and have you practice the various skills such as knife skills to thinly slice or shave vegetables to get a restaurant qualify finished product. I had expected to learn some recipes, but I left having learnt real skills!”

Pan Chen Ting

“I truly enjoyed the cooking class! I found that I learned new things that I did not know before and confirmed things that I was doing right. I thought the chef was very personable and knowledgeable. I can’t wait to make the recipes at home and I appreciate that they are simple, easy to manage and healthy!”

Kathy Phua