Corporate Baking Class Singapore

What do OUR CAKES and YOUR COMPANY have in common?

Here at SGCookingLessons, we believe that the Most Complex of Corporate Settings can be likened to the Most Delicious of Cakes. Just as various ingredients withstand the high heat of the oven to form a beautiful cake, so too can your team members forage together under high pressure to emerge stronger thereafter.

Mastering the fine art of baking doesn’t require any culinary dexterity or a special affinity with the oven. Our goal is to demystify this art for all our clients, regardless of age or experience level. What better way to do this than in an environment where everyone can learn, laugh, and bake together! 

Our Corporate Baking Class presents a perfect opportunity to foster teamwork and collegiality amongst your team.


In a bid to provide a holistic baking experience for our clients, we have specially crafted a Culinary Curriculum for you and
your team. It provides a comprehensive coverage of numerous categories including Cakes, Cookies, and Pastries.

Popular options include

  • Lava Cakes
  • Crème Brulee
  • Quiche
  • Chiffon Cakes
  • Mooncakes
  • Eclairs

and many more!

Baking Programme


Phase 1: Demonstration

During each session, our Veteran Chefs will impart their culinary skills to you and your team through a short but comprehensive demonstration.

Phase 2: Hands - on

Next, Participants will get to try their hands at preparing the pastries or cakes taught. You can use this time to familiarise yourselves with the steps taught by experimenting with the ingredients provided.

Phase 3: Bake-off

Finally, the session will culminate in a MasterChef style Bake off, where teams will be pit against each other in a battle of culinary skill. 

Phase 4: Chill Session

At the end of the session, participants can enjoy the fruits of
their labour along with exclusive footage of the entire session shot and edited by our talented videographers.


Enhance communication and collaboration

Senior and Junior participants can feel more at ease when baking together, as there is no attached sense of occupational hierachy in this external setting

Assimilate new members into existing teams

An intimate opportunity for the newer staff to work closely together with their colleageues through a light-hearted yet fun competition

Enjoyable and highly-rewarding retreat

A memorable and releaxing experience is well-deserved  for team members who have put in months of hard work

Ready to embark on a culinary teambonding adventure?

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Here’s what our clients have to say about us:

I am very impressed with Skylar’s professionalism in delivering what we wanted in the objective setting. The chef, Kel, was also extremely engaging, and her interaction with our staff facilitated for a greatly relaxing and fun experience. I would highly recommend SGCookingLessons to any corporate organization for team building activities.

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My team was able to foster closer bonds with one another through this team building session. We were also pleased with the unique programme format as it encouraged healthy competition among the staff members. The event hosts facilitated well and were able to clearly explain the rationale for doing certain stuff. We will be most happy to recommend SGCookingLessons.

Brilliant Star Global

What I greatly appreciated from SGCookingLessons is that the program brought out members closer together by having them work with everyone, especially people they are not use to hanging out with. I was glad that everyone had a good time while learning new things. I like to recommend this experience to other companies because it is a fresh way of getting everybody to work towards a common goal, with a subtle way of injecting teamwork values along the way.

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