Pass The Dish Please!

Dish Difficulty:

Challenge Difficulty:

2.5 – 3 Hours

12 – 60 pax

12 – 60 pax

Team Cohesion




Introducing the classic Broken Telephone Game, this time with a culinary spin! The team that is able to best recreate the dish wins! This Challenge is completed in 4 Stages in Teams of 4 – 5.

Stage 1: Get The Message!

It's Time To Part

Each team of 4 is split into 2 Whisperers and 2 Listeners
Whisperers will first learn the dish from the chef, then pass on their knowledge to the Listeners in Stage 2!

Whisperers: Off to the Chef's Table!

Whisperers are to follow the Chef closely in his demonstration of the dishes. Demonstration will only be conducted once, so the make sure you remember the ingredients and steps as best as you can!

Equipment: Each team will have a Pen and a Small Piece of Paper. No letters or numbers allowed! You can only draw!

Listeners: Get Out Of The Kitchen!

Listeners will take part in exciting challenges against other teams to earn points to buy useful power-ups and sabotages later on! Scramble around in Ingredients Galore and pit your creativity against the rest in Who’s The Highest.

Equipment: Nothing but your hands, feet and brains!

Stage 2: Ready, Steady, Pass The Message!

Back Together

After the Chef has finished demonstrating the recipe to the Whisperers, its time for the Whisperers are to teach the Listeners to produce the best, most similar dish!
But it’s not that easy! Your communication abilities will be put to the test as you overcome handicaps such as Three Blind Mice, Baby T-Rex and The Great Divide!

Throughout the challenge, teams will also have the opportunity to bid in an auction to gain special power-ups or sabotage the other teams!

Mighty Power-Ups

Fiendish Sabotages

Spend your points wisely, as you never know what amazing item might come up next for auction!

Stage 3: Judgement Day Is Upon Us

Whew, That Was Crazy!

After an epic battle of teamwork, cunning and uproarious laughter, it is time to decide who is the Greatest Of Them All!

*Drumroll Please*

The Panel of judges including The Chef will judge each team’s dishes based on criteria such as Appearance, Aroma, Taste and Teamwork. Bonus points will be given to teams with the most number of leftover money!

The team that produced the tastiest and closes dish to The Chef’s is declared The Ultimate Champion! The champions will also get to take home an exclusive Hero’s Hamper, hooray!

Stage 4: Fruits of Our Labour

Mmmmmmmm… Yummy…

Every hero needs a break, and some delicious grub. It’s the same for you and your team! Have a great time feasting on the fruits of your labour, as you and your team chat and take photos together. We’re there to help you snap these amazing memories too!

Now, Are YOU ready for the
Culinary Whispers Challenge?

It’s your turn to have a stupendous time with your team, learning about each other’s wacky side and bonding over great fun! Sign your team up now!

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