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Il Primo Pasta


Pasta is the first course – il primo of the typical Italian lunch. As such, it must not be heavy but it has to be hot. It is an art to prepare a delicious dish from this staple, even more, to cook it and to preserve its structure.


Each type of pasta requests specific cooking time, and you will learn with our professional chef to cook pasta al dente. Overcooking is not an option anymore. Join us in Pasta Making Class Singapore to find out which pasta requires more cooking time, what shape has some specifics, and what ingredients match in the best way. Throw your attention to details and allow your creativity to explode.

Eight centuries on a Table

China to Italy

Pasta is nowadays a common meal in almost every country but Italians take the credit for making it famous and welcomed on every table. It was actually Marco Polo who brought pasta from China to Italy in the 13th century. From then till now, pasta only gained greater popularity.

Handmade Pasta

Simple and easy to prepare, it is still an open field for various cooking styles, fresh and tasty ingredients, and condiments that match your preferred flavour. In ChefTales Pasta Making Class Singapore we will teach you how to employ pasta into your own food culture in the comfort of your kitchen. We will respect the tradition and heritage that some recipes involve since this is what makes them unique.

All About Pasta

Uniting Trademark of the Italian Cuisine

Italy consists of twenty regions, and each of them has its own culinary specialties. The link that unites all diversities in one recognisable trademark of the Italian cuisine is pasta. Different regions were under various influences. The influence of the French cuisine was present in the north provinces. France and Italy are neighbouring countries. Alp and Dolomite mountains make a natural border between them. The northern Italian cuisine of Piedmont is, therefore, more dairy-based under the French influence. In our Pasta Making Class Singapore, you will meet traces of what you have already learned in ChefTales’ French Cooking Class.

Eight centuries on a Table

Pasta, an International Cuisine

Try to think of pasta internationally! Yup, it originated from China, settled in Italy, received influences from Mediterranean and Asia, and flourished in the period of Renaissance. Well, that was a cultural revolution we all have learned at school about. But how does it correspond to pasta? At that time, Italian chefs were already known in Europe for their skills. Stuffed pastas were served in the court dining rooms of the many small Italian baronies. Aromatic sauces in special mixtures with nuts or eggs have been invented to be added to long pasta noodles.

Pulpy Tomatoes

The New World has just been discovered in the Renaissance, and together with it, new breakthroughs in the culinary world was made. A previously unimaginable vegetable has now been found to be the perfect compliment to Pasta. Red, juicy and fresh tomatoes! It is amusing to ponder over just how tomatoes were introduced to the Europeans, especially given its reputation as a poisonous fruit in the past. Someone must have been so hungry to even think of biting this forbidden red fruit for the very first time!

Delicious Pasta

Regardless, this discovery has greatly enriched the humble menu of 16th century Europe and has started the career of an irreplaceable ingredient on the long list of pasta recipes. Our Chefs have plenty of experience, and can teach you various novel and creatives ways to prepare delicious tomato sauces for the pastas you prepare in our Pasta Making Class Singapore!

Common Pasta Variants


Perhaps the most popular variant, Spaghetti is widely available throughout the world. It is a long, thin, and highly versatile form of pasta,


Fusilli is made by rolling a spindle rod over the pasta strips, hence shaping it like long curly spirals. It is served traditionally with thicker sauces.


Penne is cylindrical pasta form, with ridges on both ends of each noodle. It is traditionally served with sauces such as pesto.

Pasta Varieties

A basic pasta dough is the ultimate low-fuss-high-reward recipes. The shape each pasta takes makes all the difference to how it’s served.


Farfalle or butterfly-shaped pasta is available in different sizes. Farfallone is big while farfalline is small. They are typical for Northern Italy. A wide range of sauces is suitable for this pasta type but tomato sauce and cream are the most used. In some of our chefs’ recipes, walnuts add to the extraordinary taste.


Ravioli is a small filled noodle. It has a long history, starting in the Middle Ages. Traditionally Italian, this type of pasta is made at home but the filling may differ from region to region. You can make it better than in a restaurant and in Pasta Making Class Singapore we will show you how. Forget completely about mass-produced ravioli from supermarkets.

Conchiglie Rigate

What makes the Conchiglie Rigate so favored among pasta lovers? Its sea shell shape has been designed to keep the sauce. While not every shape pairs with every sauce, Conchiglie Rigate is ultimately sauce friendly. Our chef says that any meal can be made with this pasta but you will confirm it based on your own experience.


Pasta is Italian but it belongs to every cuisine in the world. It comprises Asian origin, Italian development, and International devotees. This is what makes pasta so easily adaptable to every food culture. In Pasta Making Class Singapore we pay attention to every detail. We do want to know about your eating habits and preferences so we can provide you the recipe that can easily become your favorite lunch. Simple, fast and easy, pasta is all about fresh and tasty ingredients. When you get home with our recipes, your homemade pasta will never be the same again.

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Pasta Making classes with ChefTales is fun, creative and interesting, turning you into an Italian Pasta expert in no time! Under the guidance of our chef you will learn all there is to know about making fresh pasta. You will knead, cut, roll and fill Ravioli, Ravioli, Tagliatelle or other varieties. Her recipes are based on freshness and high ingredients quality, and her coloured pastas, with their enticing aromas, are simply unforgettable.

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