Western Cooking Class Singapore

The term “Western Cooking” encompasses a great range of cooking types – French, Italian, Mexican etc. Many of these premium European and American delicacies are usually only found at fancy restaurants. However, it is our promise at ChefTales to impart to you the skills necessary to replicate these authentic Western Cuisines at your own home.

Explore the great variety of Western Cooking Classes ChefTales has to offer!

Western Appetite

Italian Cuisines

Whilst Italian cuisine is deeply influenced by its geographic position, true Italian cuisine includes multiple courses that have come from the pursuit of a locavore lifestyle. It prides itself on simple recipes, prepared with passion and using the freshest ingredients.

French Delicacies

French cuisine is a powerful cultural experience that melds flavourful, nutritious foods with beauty, leisure, and therapeutic preparation. The making of French food is an art that takes a lifetime to master, yet requires a frozen moment to appreciate its splendour.

Mexican Bites

A common perception of Mexican food is that they are both heavy and spicy, but in fact, they have a both depth of favour as well as a dose of fresh lightness. Authentic Mexican food is vibrant, colourful, delicious and fun, using an amazing array of chillies, both fresh and dried.

Western Food

Italian. French. Mexican.

Italian Cuisines

Varying widely by region, true Italian cuisine includes multiple courses that have come from pursuing a locavore lifestyle for centuries. Culinary specialties are heavily dependent upon the seasons, creating an impetus for always having the freshest foods. Entrees are usually accompanied by sides of pasta, made from the simplest family recipes!

French Delicacies

Whilst remaining a relatively new concept in America, the French has been practicing the arts of artisan cuisines since ancient times. Typical French dishes are heavily dependent on local products; yet, no matter if it is truffles, beans, herbs, or farm fresh pork, the French has a way of making even the most simple dishes elegant.

Mexican Bites

There is so much more to beautiful Mexico than the clear, blue seas and exotic culture. Mexican cuisines are top favourites all around the world. Their food style is earthy, humble, and rich in flavours, as they employ a wide selection of ingredients from all over the country. Burritos, guacamole, and salsa are just some of our favourites!

Why Learn Western Cuisine from ChefTales?

I’m sure one of the frustrations of being a Eastern enthusiast of Western food and culture is that you’re confronted every day with the absolute certainty that you will die ignorant

Great Variety

Western cuisines encompass all the different local delights. Western. French. Mexican. All savourable and refreshing in their own unique ways!

Western Culture

More than just a cooking lesson, this culinary affair will engulf you into an immersive and complete Western cultural experience!

Easy to Learn

Equip yourself with the skills necessary to prepare several authentic Western Dishes in the comfort of your very own home!

Featured Classes

Our most popular classes you don’t want to miss!

Beef Tartare

100% hands-on from scratch; you will learn how to cook up these authentic French Cuisines with the ingredients provided. Learn the skills, techniques and knowledge of crafting different French Cuisines! Learn to cook up Beef Tartare and Mesclun Salad with Mixed Fruits in this class!

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Happy Customers.

“The classes are easy to follow, it’s completely hands on, you get to eat what you make, and depending on the class, you leave with some of the fruits of your labor. Thank you SGCookingLessons for this great experience!”

Xavier Lim

“I highly recommend the cooking classes at SGCookingLessons. I had one of the best experiences with the Chef and assistants. They have all of the ingredients for each dish set up for you so that they can show you and have you practice the various skills such as knife skills to thinly slice or shave vegetables to get a restaurant qualify finished product. I had expected to learn some recipes, but I left having learnt real skills!”

Pan Chen Ting

“I truly enjoyed the cooking class! I found that I learned new things that I did not know before and confirmed things that I was doing right. I thought the chef was very personable and knowledgeable. I can’t wait to make the recipes at home and I appreciate that they are simple, easy to manage and healthy!”

Kathy Phua

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