Cooking Class for Kids Singapore

Cooking with Kids is not just about ingredients, recipes and cooking. It’s about harnessing imagination, empowerment and creativity.

Rewards Aplenty

Not only do your kids get to have fun experimenting with the different ingredients and cook up a storm, they will also learn the value of teamwork, leadership and effective communication. The journey will take them onto unexpected routes that will yield great rewards, as they learn to cook loads of great dishes and discover the great fun of the art of cooking.

Surreal Experience

The fun doesn’t stop there! In addition to whipping up a series of exciting dishes, your kids will get to learn the many interesting and fun facts about food. From identifying different fruits and vegetables to the art of cheese tasting, your kids will embark on a unique journey to become a bona fide Super Chef!

Kids’ Handmade Goodies

Fish Sticks

Omelette Rice

Sushi Roll

Kid Skills



There is a genius in every kid waiting to be uncovered and nurtured. ChefTales help to ignite the passion in your kids and enrich their lives as they acquire pertinent life skills from a very young age

2-5 Years Old

Kids at these age is can take on a great variety of skills, both functional and practical. They learn to better follow instructions, and increase their dexterity. Cooking Techniques learnt includes: Weighing, Washing, Mixing, Sieving, Kneading, Breading, Flouring.

6-8 Years Old

Along with the skills suggested for 3-5 years old, trickier techniques can be imparted to these kids as well. They can also learn to handle more complex equipment. These skills include: Cutting, Grating, Beating, Folding, Greasing, Setting Tables

9-12 years old

Together with the above listed skills, children in this age range can be afforded more independence, and learn to plan and undertake cooking activities. Skills do include: Planning Family Meal, Following Recipe, Finding Ingredients, Openin Cans, Using Heat, Whisking.

Why let Kids learn Cooking?

Kids want to saute, to cut the pizza, to see how the ingredients come together. If you let them do the fun stuff, they’ll develop skills and and interests that will stay with them forever.

Intangible Skills

Cooking Class at ChefTales help foster greater communication while building independence. Walking away after whipping up delicious meals also helps elevate their self-esteems.

Family Bonding

Your kids get to enjoy more quality time in the kitchen with you! As they fall in love with cooking, your kids will want to spend more time in the kitchen. You can explore the lovely Art of Cooking together!

Passion for Cooking

Kids will learn many things through cooking. Yet, perhaps the greatest lesson they can learn is to love cooking; to love preparing delicious, healthy and well-rounded meals.

Easy to Learn

Learning to cook as a kid is a unique and surreal experience. At ChefTales, we specifically design an age-appropriate learning curve for your kids to aid in their journey to become MasterChefs of the future.


Featured Classes

Our most popular classes you don’t want to miss!

Kid-sized Bites II

Rather than let your kids grow up uneducated around the kitchen, why not prepare them from young? This simple baking class for kids gets them up and running in the kitchen with their original pastry creations! They will shape, bake and decorate their very own pastries in this hands-on class! Start them on their culinary journey today! Your kids will learn from our cheerful and friendly chef-instructors and gain a unique baking experience from a very young age!

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Happy Customers.

“The classes are easy to follow, it’s completely hands on, you get to eat what you make, and depending on the class, you leave with some of the fruits of your labor. Thank you SGCookingLessons for this great experience!”

Xavier Lim

“I highly recommend the cooking classes at SGCookingLessons. I had one of the best experiences with the Chef and assistants. They have all of the ingredients for each dish set up for you so that they can show you and have you practice the various skills such as knife skills to thinly slice or shave vegetables to get a restaurant qualify finished product. I had expected to learn some recipes, but I left having learnt real skills!”

Pan Chen Ting

“I truly enjoyed the cooking class! I found that I learned new things that I did not know before and confirmed things that I was doing right. I thought the chef was very personable and knowledgeable. I can’t wait to make the recipes at home and I appreciate that they are simple, easy to manage and healthy!”

Kathy Phua