Expat Cooking Class Singapore

Mix influences from both the East and the West. Bring with you International recipes. Take the world to your home.


A Home to Many

Singaporean Experience

Singapore is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world that takes pride in its cohabitation of the East and the West. Expats from all over the planet come here to live and work together, and they all bring unique cultural influences, especially in the variety of cuisines.

Cultural Cooking Pot

World's Cuisines

In ChefTales Expat Cooking Class Singapore, the world cuisines are at their peak conveying delicious, fresh and healthy ideas. Expats working in Singapore can improve their cooking skills in this class, and they can bring newly enriched recipes to families and friends at home.

Easy Cooking

Dispelling Food Myths

It is a myth that great food needs to contain a lot of calories or that there is no proper gourmet meal without the meat. The truth is just the opposite. Western Cooking Class might have already taught you a variety of cooking types that are nutritious, tasty, and most importantly – healthy. How many times have you admired the unique delicacies of the Italian, French or Mexican cuisine in a restaurant, thinking about the hours that the chef must have spent in the kitchen to prepare it?

Help is coming your way!

Hands-on Cooking

Sometimes, less is more and ChefTales Expat Cooking Class provides you with time-saving recipes of unique quality. The only remaining ingredients are your own creativity, and your will to explore wonderful tastes from all over the world!

How We Help

Teaching Multi-National Cuisines

Here in ChefTales, we are fighting prejudices, that the French cuisine is too complicated, the Mexican too hot, and the Thai too spicy. In fact, Western and Eastern cuisines comprise of a great range of dishes, from elemental to gourmet, so people of different tastes may find what they like to eat. The Expat Cooking Class Singapore has been designed to welcome you into the world’s greatest kitchen.

Bridge the Gap

ChefTales Expat Cooking Class Singapore is not merely about the cooking. It is also intended for expats working in Singapore to bring their homelands one step closer through their favourite meals. This authentic experience connects people from different cultures and from all over the world, from the East to the West, to cook together, to exchange ideas, and to express the creativity that crosses borders. Food is essential for our well-being but if we learn how to make it with better quality and better taste, we actually build a healthier lifestyle.

Relaxing, Fun, Interactive

This class offers you a harmony of international tastes that we will create together in a relaxing atmosphere. Great combination of nutritions, spices, and cooking techniques guarantee the raw energy that a quality meal shall provide. That would not be possible without the raw energy of ourselves. We are gathered here to have the world at our fingertips.

Lesson Plans

ChefTales cater to your individual needs by training the chefs as you want us to. All you need to do is to choose your preferred lesson style. 

Italian Freshness

In Italy, the freshest ingredients have been cooked with special techniques to ensure important health benefits. Italians live long and the rate of diseases is lower than in the most of other countries, to mention merely some of those benefits.

French Romance

Once in a lifetime, everybody wants to see Paris and eat some fancy dish at a classy restaurant. Yet, your very own kitchen can serve as a dining paradise as well. The palette of flavours has a lot to do with the herbal ingredients that you choose to employ.

Mexican Artistry

Mexican cuisine is one of the most favoured in Western cooking, and that does not surprise us. It is an art to make such a humble dish that is yet, so colourful and rich in taste!

Thai Richness

However, if you have recently come to work in Singapore, you may prefer to explore Asian food delicacies. Thai cuisine is the great surprise, especially to one coming from the West. Whilst Western dishes combine ingredients of matching taste, Thai cuisine does the opposite. It is a firework of creative culinary demonstrations. All your senses will explode from sweet, sour, salty and spicy, and the taste will be wonderful.

Why Learn to Cook?

We help bring your homelands one step closer through recreating your favourite dishes. 

Crossing Boundaries

ChefTales Expat Cooking Class Singapore starts you on a culinary journey around the world that ends in your very own kitchen.

Quick Food

Even if you have only 30 minutes to prepare a fresh meal, it is more than enough to cook up a nutritious and healthy salad!

Learn from the Best

Our instructors will lend their expertise through active demonstrations, as they’ll engage and guide you through the hands-on sessions.

Amazing Homely Food

From hereon you may start to apply the world’s famous tastes to your everyday menu, for the health and pleasure of you and your family.

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Happy Customers.

“The classes are easy to follow, it’s completely hands on, you get to eat what you make, and depending on the class, you leave with some of the fruits of your labor. Thank you SGCookingLessons for this great experience!”

Xavier Lim

“I highly recommend the cooking classes at SGCookingLessons. I had one of the best experiences with the Chef and assistants. They have all of the ingredients for each dish set up for you so that they can show you and have you practice the various skills such as knife skills to thinly slice or shave vegetables to get a restaurant qualify finished product. I had expected to learn some recipes, but I left having learnt real skills!”

Pan Chen Ting

“I truly enjoyed the cooking class! I found that I learned new things that I did not know before and confirmed things that I was doing right. I thought the chef was very personable and knowledgeable. I can’t wait to make the recipes at home and I appreciate that they are simple, easy to manage and healthy!”

Kathy Phua